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Mitch McRae is the voice behind the grassroots, opinion-based, racing fan website, The Back Stretch. He grew up with two family members who drove short tracks and spent his weekends at Myrtle Beach Speedway, Florence Motor Speedway and Dillon Motor Speedway. He’s worked on race cars since a young age and has been to tracks across the southeast.

Mitch is a historian by trade, so he loves to dive into the history of NASCAR as well as technology trends, racing advancements and rule changes. He believes knowing the sport’s past is imperative to understanding where it’s going. When he’s not caught up in racing, you can find Mitch on the golf course, taking his dog to the park or sampling the latest release at a local craft brewery.

The Back Stretch was created to be a common ground for racing fans to learn and engage with others. So chime in, check back often and get ready to be immersed in the world of stock car racing.